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Sunday - 9:30am Bible Study | 10:30AM worship Service | 1:00PM Service (HISpanic)

Praise & Worship

Here at First Baptist Church New Haven, the mission of our music ministry is to exalt and glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We sing of His name, His love, His mercy and grace, the cross, His blood, and the promise of Heaven.
We lead with a blend of the richness and beauty of the old hymns and the power and freshness of our modern worship songs,
We worship to prepare our hearts to receive the preaching of His Word.
We endeavor to be relevant without compromising His message.

where do we worship?

We worship together, corporately, but also with our families and alone, in our quiet places.

When we say worship, we first think of the church gathered on Sunday morning, lifting songs, hymns and spiritual songs in one accord to the Lord. We're thankful that with technology, those who can't join us in person can still sing along with us on the livestream.

But we also set aside times during the week for contemplative worship and prayer.

We encourage our leaders to incorporate prayer into smaller groups of believers.

And we love to hear when our families worship together at home.

Worship is singing. Worship is playing instruments. But like prayer, worship is also the bent of every thought, word, and act toward the glory and praise of God!

If you are interested in participating in Sunday Service worship through singing or playing an instrument, contact Pastor Jonathan at jonathan.lindstrom@fbcnewhaven.org.

easter Choir Music

If you would like to join us for Easter choir, scroll to the bottom and sign up, just email and let Pastor Jonathan know your interest. Then come to the next rehearsal date listed below.

For our choir members, below you will find the performance tracks with music to listen to in preparation. You will receive a physical copy of the music at rehearsal. Digital copies are below.

Here are the rehearsal dates:

  • Sunday, March 19th, 2pm. Location: FBC House
  • Saturday, April 1st, 11am. Location: Sanctuary
  • Dress Rehearsal: Saturday, April 8th, 11am. Location: Sanctuary
  • Easter! Sunday, April 9th, 10:30am

My Story with My Savior's Love:

My Story Music

My Story Soprano

My Story Alto

My Story Tenor

My Story Bass

O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus with Reckless Love: 

O the Deep Music

O the Deep Soprano

O the Deep Alto

O the Deep Tenor

O the Deep Bass


Resurrecting Music

Resurrecting Soprano

Resurrecting Alto

Resurrecting Tenor

Resurrecting Bass

My Story Finale:

Finale Music

Finale Soprano

Finale Alto

Finale Tenor

Finale Bass

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