Pt.3 Pergamos…“The Compromising Church”


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Mar. 26, 2023

Letters to the Seven Churches                                                     March 26, 2023

                                   Pt.3  Pergamos…“The Compromising Church”

                                                              Revelation 2:12-17


Pergamos Background… 

               a. The Lord said…

                     Pergamos is where Satan’s throne is located.”  Vs. 13

 The Counselor….vs. 12

               “These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with the two edges”

        - The sword coming out of Christ’s mouth... is a reference to the Word 

                   and a symbol of its truth, power & authority, and the fact that Christ judges

                   men on the basis of the Word.

        - Thus, the sword of God’s Word separates believers from the world

                    and sinners from God. 

 The Commendation

         - Strength…they had held fast & kept the faith

         - Many in Pergamos were martyred for their faith

The Condemnation… 

                       Compromise is the cancer of the church …vs. 14

   a. Some were practicing the Doctrine of Balaam

   b. Some practicing the doctrine of  Nicolaitans…vs. 15

    c. The Seduction of this Church.

                    Romans 12:2       II Cor. 6:17

        Two Extremes…we can fall into when we talk about Separation from the World

                 1. Legalism

                2. Liberalism

 The Counsel Repent or else….vs. 16

 The Challenge vs. 17

   a. Hidden manna to eat

    b. White stone with a new name within