Pt.2 Smyrna…“Dying For the Cause of Christ”


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Mar. 19, 2023

Letters to the Seven Churches                                                                March 19, 2023

                                    Pt.2  Smyrna…“Dying For the Cause of Christ”

                                                              Revelation 2:8-11


1.The Counselor… Jesus Christ… Vs.8

 2.The Commendation… Vs.9

       a. They had suffered poverty for Christ

       b. They had suffered persecution for Christ… Vs.9

       c. Jesus warns his church that they would have “tribulation ten days”

 3.The Condemnation…….None given

 4. The Counsel… Vs.10

      a. Be fearless

      b. Be faithful

5. The Challenge….vs. 10

      a. “I will give thee a crown of life”

      b. “He…the one who Overcomes…shall not be hurt of the 2nd death …vs. 11   

Matthew 5:10-12

          - The Bible says, “All who live Godly in Christ Jesus

                          SHALL suffer persecution! (not MIGHT, SHALL!!)

           - Perhaps the more searching question to ask is not, why do the righteous 


                        · But rather ask, “Have I, as a Christian, ever been persecuted?”

                        · If not, why not?  

                        · And if so, how did I respond?  

John 10:18-20

               - Throughout church history there have been intense

                          periods of persecution, including Smyrna period.


1. How do I know if I would die for Christ? 

            · You can know for certain that you WILL NOT present yourself as a

                         dying sacrifice if you aren’t a living sacrifice right now!

                           God forgive us today for having half-hearted devotion…

                                          in light of those who’ve gone before us!