Food & Bread Ministry


Sunday - 9:30am Bible Study | 10:30AM worship Service | 1:00PM Service (HISpanic)

 March 30, 2023

 1:00 PM

 1716 Werling Rd New Haven, IN 46774

FBC Food & Bread Ministry Information
1.  Every Thursday Hundreds of people Receive a Blessing of an abundance of Food to help them Feed their Family!
2. This is made possible by over 30 Volunteers each week serving the Lord for about 4-5 hours loving people in Jesus Name!
3. Food Distribution starts at 1:00pm each week with parking lot gate closing at 4pm.
4. Are there any requirements ?
* No identification is needed.
* No documentation of income is needed.
     *  No signing of any agreement is required.  

Procedure as you enter the FBC Parking Lot
1.  Enter parking and turn right…stop at chairs with an umbrella and a Volunteer Greeter who will give you a number to be
turned in before you enter “The Barn”.
2. Drive around to the back and Volunteer Parking Attendants will assign you to one of 8 rows of cars which face “The Barn”
3. Turn your car radio to 87.9 FM and you will be able to listen to some great music, hear announcements, as well as a Bible
Study led by one of our Pastors around 12NOON.
4. Please stay in your car until you reach the front line facing “The Barn”… at that time you will be allowed to go stand in line
alongside the building and prepare to go through “the Barn”
5. Please bring bags, boxes, pull carts or wagons to go through “The Barn” where you will pick up Bread, sweets, & specialty
items that change each week.
6. Then go back to your car… place items inside… raise your trunk or SUV lid and then drive down along the food stations…
      Volunteers will load food items in your car for you then you can exit the parking lot.

Please be prepared to wait in your car in line for 1–2 hours,
              because of the number of people we are serving each Thursday.

Bible Study Opportunities…
1.  Each Thursday @ 12:00Noon Pastor Dave Trimble teaches a verse by verse Bible Class in the Fellowship Hall of the church, and you are invited to participate.
2.  Also each Thursday Pastor Elio Miguez from our Hispanic Ministry teaches a Bible Class as well @ 12:00Noon.  

 If you have Questions…We have a Food & Bread Ministry Leadership Team that you can ask someone to speak to.
FBC New Haven Food & Bread Ministry Team Leader-
Associate Pastor- Tim Krebs & FBC Deacon- Don Peaks
Inside Administrator- 
Lucy Peaks
Outside Administrator-
Donna Everest
Parking and Security-
Shorty Hower